About Timeline Trading Co. Ltd

To Be a Unique Online Shop

There are many foreign-language online shops that sell Japanese-related goods. However, most of them are managed by people who are not Japanese, and who do not even live in Japan. We think it is a pity that authentic and unique Japanese products are not sold all over the world though the Internet is such a useful tool for international business.
It is for this reason that our online shop is opened. Our mission is to carefully select unique, attractive, and useful Japanese products that cannot be found in other online stores.

Brief Information of our Company

Company Name TimeLine Trading Co. Ltd.
President Tom(Toshio) Ogasawara
Postal code 981-3203
Address 2-1-40, Takamori, Izumi-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi, Japan
Tel +81-22-777-7051
Fax +81-22-777-7061
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Webmaster Dai(Daisuke) Agatsuma from Axl (Japanese only)